Application and Selection Process


STAGE 1: Eligibility Check Mobile Photos 616

TG1: Home universities will check applications of their own outgoing students and staff to confirm they are registered in  and they are eligible for the scholarship.

Candidates will be defined eligible or not eligible. If a candidates does not respect eligibility criteria will be consider as not eligible, and his application will be not evaluated by the host university.


STAGE2 - Academic Quality Assessment

Applications belonging all the TG and make a ranking in accordance to the selection criteria related to the level of study.

Academic staff from different scientific fields will Host Universities will set up an internal Pre-selection Committee. They review each eligible incoming apparticipate in the home evaluation of candidates in order to ensure a proper and fair academic evaluation. Each partner university will submit to the Selection Committee the candidates ranking.


successSTAGE 3 – Selection Committee

After receiving the ranking list of each host university, the Selection Commitee will proceed with the final selection of candidates and they will set upa  list of



The allocation of the scholarships will be carried out according to the following criteria:

  • Distribution of scholarships according to the budget approved by the EACEA
  • Comparative quality of the applications (ranking by host Universities)
  • Fair distribution among sending and hosting Universities
  • Country Distribution, Gender balance distribution, TG3 access


STAGE 4 – Validation of the applications and Nominations of selected candidatesguidance-signpost

The lists will be submitted to the host universities for the final approval. After that, the selection process will be consider as done. After that, applicants will be sent by the project coordinator informing them of their application status (selected/reserve list/not eligible/not selected).

Selected candidates will be awarded by a Nomination Letter providing the details of the scholarship they have been awarded and general information on their mobility, including their rights and obligations. Applicants will be requirred to accept or refuse the scholarship via the online acceptance letter, which selected applicants receive together with the nomination letter.

Rejected applicants will receive an official letter of rejection via email listing the reasons for rejection as well as providing them with the opportunity to appeal against the decision within a given deadline.

Reserve list candidates may have the chance to get re-selected, if selected scholars decide not to accept their nomination.