Project Management


The Management of the Erasmus Mundus – DUNIA BEAM consortium is based on a multilateral cooperation network of universities that operates at two different and interconnected levels: a global and a local operative level.


The Partnership Coordination Board (PCB)

It is the main decision making body of the DUNIA BEAM Consortium. The PCB is in charge of any action that commits the Consortium as a whole, such as mobility flow distribution, agree common rules concerning the call for application and selection criteria, agree the timelinethe project activities.

It is composed by one representative per Partner University. The Presidency is held by the Coordinator, University of Pavia.

The Selection Committee (SC)

It is responsible of the selection of the DUNIA BEAM candidates according to the ranking done by the partners and taking into account the cross-cutting requirements of equal opportunities, gender-balance and participation of disabled and economically disadvantaged people.

The Selection Committee is composed by University of Pavia (coordinator), 3  Eu partners, 3 Lot-2 partners.

Quality Assurance Committee (QAC)

Main tasks of the Quality Assurance Committee are the implementation of the quality assurance policy, the monitoring of the evolution for the project, the academic performance of the grantees.

It is composed by 4 representatives chosen among project partners institutions (both EU and Third Country).

The Presidency is held by the Co-coordinator, An-Najah University.


Both of them have been elected during the Kick-off Meeting of the DUNIA BEAM project (Pavia, 5/6 November 2012).



Project Management Unit (PMU)

The Project Management Unit (PMU) is placed at the International Relations Office of the University of Pavia. It takes care of the overall coordination and implementation of DUNIA BEAM project, and of its financial and administrative management based on the guidelines, objectives and obligations defined by the Grant Agreement and by the Partnership Coordination Board.

The PMU is made of a Project Manager, a Project Manager Assistant and a financial Administrator.

Joint Coordinator

The Joint Coordinator of DUNIA BEAM project is An-Najah University, Palestine. It will assist the coordinator in the administrative management of the project, support  promotional activities in Middle-East, support in the organization of DUNIA BEAM events.

Local Operative Unit (LOU)

LOU are established at each partner University and will be responsible for DUNIA BEAM project management and implementation at local level.

LOU is coordinated by a local contact person who is in charge of the local implementation of the project accordingly the internal rules of each Partner Universities. I.e., it provides services for the administrative and academic preparation and implementation of outgoing and incoming grantees, manages local budget and transfer of the monthly subsistence allowances to grantees (EU partners).

To see who are the DUNIA BEAM LOU contact persons, click here.